Estimation of NIIRS Incorporating an Automated Relative Edge Response Method

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Pranav V 1,* E.Venkateswarlu 2 Thara Nair 2 G.P.Swamy 2 B. Gopala Krishna 2

1. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore, India

2. National Remote Sensing Center (NRSC), ISRO, Hyderabad, India

* Corresponding author.


Received: 22 Jun. 2017 / Revised: 20 Jul. 2017 / Accepted: 15 Aug. 2017 / Published: 8 Nov. 2017

Index Terms

Relative Edge Response, NIIRS, SNR, GSD, image quality


The quality of remote sensing satellite images are expressed in terms of ground sample distance, modular transfer function, signal to noise ratio and National Imagery Interpretability Rating Scale (NIIRS) by user community. The proposed system estimates NIIRS of an image, by incorporating a new automated method to calculate the Relative Edge Response (RER). The prominent edges which contribute the most for the estimation of RER are uniquely extracted with a combined application of certain filters and morphological operators. RER is calculated from both horizontal and vertical edges separately and the geometric mean is considered as the final result. Later applying the estimated RER along with other parameters, the system returns the NIIRS value of the input image. This work has proved the possible implementation of automated techniques to estimate the NIIRS from images and specifics in the metafile contents of imagery.

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Pranav V, E.Venkateswarlu, Thara Nair, G.P.Swamy, B.Gopala Krishna," Estimation of NIIRS Incorporating an Automated Relative Edge Response Method", International Journal of Image, Graphics and Signal Processing(IJIGSP), Vol.9, No.11, pp. 29-38, 2017. DOI: 10.5815/ijigsp.2017.11.04


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