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IJIGSP Vol.4, No.6, Jul. 2012

An Approach to Fingerprint Image Pre-Processing

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Om Preeti Chaurasia

Index Terms

Original Image, Bifurcation, Termination, Dual Image


In this paper we have used all existing algorithms. When a fingerprint image is captured it is made pass through all the algorithms arranged in a particular order. We found that if we process a fingerprint in this particular order, the final output is good enough for minutiae detection and feature extraction. We have done many experiments on fingerprint images and found that this particular order of processing is producing better result. But for this we assume that the quality of the captured image is good enough. We have not worked on image quality enhancement. So if the input image is good our method will produce a good output. Off course this is a limitation of our proposed method, but if image is captured using a good quality device, then our method will produce an equal quality output as in other existing techniques.

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Om Preeti Chaurasia,"An Approach to Fingerprint Image Pre-Processing",IJIGSP,vol.4,no.6,pp.29-35,2012.


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