Design of Field Irrigation Multi-purpose Control Device Based on Idle Work Compensation

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Liang Zhang 1,* Jishun Jiang 1 Lina Liu 1

1. School of Electric and Electronic Engineering, Shandong University of Technology,Zibo, China

* Corresponding author.


Received: 14 Oct. 2010 / Revised: 2 Dec. 2010 / Accepted: 31 Dec. 2010 / Published: 8 Feb. 2011

Index Terms

Irrigation, prepaid, watt-hour meter, idle work compensation, energy saving


In irrigation of a farm well, the power factor of the load is low when the motor operates, because of the long low voltage lines. Long-term use will cause a lot of energy waste. To this question, this paper presents a new type intelligent controller to save irrigation water and energy. The principle of the new type field irrigation intelligent controller that based on AT89LV52 single chip is introduced in this paper. The integration of the low pressure electrical energy reactive compensation control and IC card prepaid multi-user three-phase watt-hour meter management is realized in the system. The energy conservation control, using the low pressure electrical energy reactive compensation, and prepaid multi-user three-phase watt-hour meter are used to realize the saving water management. Who inserts the card who irrigates. The design of hardware circuit, software flow, and experiment results are presented in detail. The results of testing and preproduction in Zibo Billion Electron Co., Ltd show that the design technique of integration controller is novel, and the system has the characteristics of controlling efficiency by reactive compensation, accurate measurement of electrical energy, flexible power consumption management with IC card prepaid multi-users, saving water , low cost, and so on. Therefore, it is especially suitable for power consumption and water resources management in rural well irrigation. The new type intelligent controller can effectively reduce the cost of irrigation and promote rural economic development.

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Liang Zhang,Jishun Jiang,Lina Liu, "Design of Field Irrigation Multi-purpose Control Device Based on Idle Work Compensation", IJIGSP, vol.3, no.1, pp.38-44, 2011. DOI: 10.5815/ijigsp.2011.01.06


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