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IJIEEB Vol.7, No.2, Mar. 2015

Scheme of Global Scrum Management Software

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M. Rizwan Jameel Qureshi, Isaac Sayid

Index Terms

Scrum;global development;agile;social scrum;distributed development


Many software development companies faced the challenge of coupling agile models and global software development in distributed projects. The challenges are related to the communication, management and control of the development process. These challenges emerged because global development involves developers from different geographical locations, time zones and with different cultures. Coupling agile models and global software development seems impossible at first glance, as they require frequent communications, rapid development, and resources management of distributed teams. However, researchers proposed several solutions and advices included tailoring of agile practices and addition of non-agile practices. Nevertheless, further efforts were needed to activate and unify these solutions. This paper introduces a new web based project management system for Scrum projects called global scrum management. It is a web application that manages Scrum process from planning phase to delivery of the last product increment. Moreover, the application features social networks functionalities to provide seamless communication, collaboration and knowledge transferring to the distributed team members. Also, developers' actions to the sprint tasks, including updating task status, will be reflected to the burn down charts of the sprint and product backlog instantly. Several diagrams are provided in this paper to explain the solution including UML diagrams.

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M. Rizwan Jameel Qureshi, Isaac Sayid,"Scheme of Global Scrum Management Software", IJIEEB, vol.7, no.2, pp.1-7, 2015. DOI: 10.5815/ijieeb.2015.02.01


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