Optimized Solution of Two Bar Truss Design Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Optimization Technique

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Samir Deya 1,* Tapan Kumar Roy 2

1. Department of Mathematics, Asansol Engineering College, Vivekananda Sarani, Asansol-713305, West Bengal, India

2. Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, (Formally Bengal Engineering and Science University), Shibpur, P.O.-Botanic Garden, Howrah-711103, West Bengal, India

* Corresponding author.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijieeb.2014.04.07

Received: 16 May 2014 / Revised: 10 Jun. 2014 / Accepted: 1 Jul. 2014 / Published: 8 Aug. 2014

Index Terms

Truss Design Optimization, Fuzzy Sets, Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets, Intuitionistic Fuzzy Optimization


The main goal of the structural optimization is to minimize the weight of structure or the vertical deflection of loaded joint while satisfying all design requirements imposed by design codes. In general fuzzy sets are used to analyze the fuzzy structural optimization. In this paper, a planer truss structural model in intuitionistic fuzzy environment has been developed. This paper proposes an intuitionistic fuzzy optimization approach to solve a non-linear programming problem in the context of a structural application. This approximation approach is used to solve structural optimization model with weight as objective function. This intuitionistic fuzzy optimization (IFO) approach is illustrated on two-bar truss structural design problem. The result of the intuitionistic fuzzy optimization obtained is compared with the other results of optimization algorithms from the literary sources. It is shown that the proposed intuitionistic fuzzy optimization approach is more efficient than the analogous fuzzy technique for structural design.

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Samir Dey, Tapan Kumar Roy, "Optimized Solution of Two Bar Truss Design Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Optimization Technique", International Journal of Information Engineering and Electronic Business(IJIEEB), vol.6, no.4, pp.45-51, 2014. DOI:10.5815/ijieeb.2014.04.07


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