Aesthetic QR: Approaches for Beautified, Fast Decoding, and Secured QR Codes

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Jyoti Rathi 1,* Surender Kumar Grewal 1

1. Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology, Murthal

* Corresponding author.


Received: 21 Jan. 2022 / Revised: 19 Feb. 2022 / Accepted: 23 Mar. 2022 / Published: 8 Jun. 2022

Index Terms

QR code, aesthetic QR code, beautification, decoding rate, security.


A QR code is a two-dimensional code that encodes data but it is unattractive and not ideal. QR codes have been applied in item identifications, publicity campaigns, advertisements, product promotions, etc. so they need to be visually good in appearance. Visually good and decorated QR codes degrade the decoding rate as compared to the standard QR code decoding rate. As they are used for mobile payments and logins some security must be there. For this many researchers have contributed using various approaches to beautify QR codes with high decoding accuracy and to make them secure. This paper aims towards the study of works carried out in the direction of beautification of QR codes using blended type techniques and artificial intelligence based techniques by different authors. The present state of prior strategies, methods, and major features used are described in this survey.

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Jyoti Rathi, Surender Kumar Grewal, "Aesthetic QR: Approaches for Beautified, Fast Decoding, and Secured QR Codes ", International Journal of Information Engineering and Electronic Business(IJIEEB), Vol.14, No.3, pp. 10-18, 2022. DOI:10.5815/ijieeb.2022.03.02


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