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IJEME Vol.7, No.4, Jul. 2017

Evaluation of Voice & Ear Biometrics Authentication System

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Safiia Mohammed, Michael Hegarty

Index Terms

Multimodal Biometric System;Ear Biometric;Voice Biometric;Biometric Authentication


The core aim of biometrics authentication methods and technologies is to solve issues and concerns existing in traditional authentication methods like passwords, PIN numbers or identity cards. The Most important concern for business sectors and organizations is to authenticate individuals who interact with them and their services. By considering more than one biometric technology, the authentication process is expected to be more reliable and secure. The Ear and Voice Multimodal Biometrics System is evaluated to compare its performance with ear and voice unimodal systems; the multimodal system takes advantages of the permanence characteristic of ear biometric and voice biometric which is highly acceptable by users. According to the experiment, the ear and voice multimodal system provides better performance than the ear or voice unimodal system. In addition to that, the multimodal system makes a right balance between false rejection and false acceptance rates. This evaluation is intended to contribute to multimodal biometrics research by using behavioral biometric (voice print) and physiological biometric (ear-print) and makes advantage of using both of them in one system.

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Safiia Mohammed, Michael Hegarty,"Evaluation of Voice & Ear Biometrics Authentication System", International Journal of Education and Management Engineering(IJEME), Vol.7, No.4, pp.29-40, 2017.DOI: 10.5815/ijeme.2017.04.04


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