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IJMECS Vol.7, No.3, Mar. 2015

Study of Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing Environment Using Soft Computing Algorithms

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Saurabh Bilgaiyan, Santwana Sagnika, Samaresh Mishra, Madhabananda Das

Index Terms

Cloud computing; Quality of services (QoS); virtualization; scheduling; swarm based algorithms; optimization


Cloud computing is a popular computing concept that performs processing of huge volume of data using highly accessible geographically distributed resources that can be accessed by users on the basis of Pay as per Use policy. Requirements of different users may change so the amount of processing involved in such paradigm also changes. Sometimes they need huge data processing. Such highly volumetric processing results in higher computing time and cost which is not a desirable part of a good computing model. So there must be some intelligent distribution of user's work on the available resources which will result in an optimized computing environment. This paper gives a comprehensive survey on such problems and provide a detailed analysis of some best scheduling techniques from the domain of soft computing with their performance in cloud computing.

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Saurabh Bilgaiyan, Santwana Sagnika, Samaresh Mishra, Madhabananda Das,"Study of Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing Environment Using Soft Computing Algorithms", IJMECS, vol.7, no.3, pp.32-38, 2015.DOI: 10.5815/ijmecs.2015.03.05


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