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IJMECS Vol.6, No.6, Jun. 2014

Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Network Service Failure in DataCentre

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Malik UsmanDilawar, FaizaAyub Syed

Index Terms

Cloud Computing;Data Centre;Downtime;Poisson Process;Poisson distribution;Network Service Failure;Fault Prediction


World has become a global village. With the advent of technology, the concept of Cloud Computing has evolved a lot. Cloud computing offers various benefits in terms of storage, computation, cost and flexibility. It focuses on delivering combination of technological components such as applications, platforms, infrastructure, security and web hosted services over the internet. One of the major elements of Cloud Computing infrastructure is Data centre. Companies host there applications and services online through Data centres, whose probability of downtime is expected to be very low. Since, data centre consists of number of servers; the rate of service failure is usually high. In this paper we have analysed service failure rate of a conventional data centre. The Fault Trend of network failure by assuming there occurrence as a Poisson Process was made. The accurate prediction of fault rate helps in managing the up gradation, replacement and other administrative issues of data centre components.

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Malik UsmanDilawar, FaizaAyub Syed,"Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Network Service Failure in DataCentre", IJMECS, vol.6, no.6, pp. 30-36, 2014.DOI: 10.5815/ijmecs.2014.06.04


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