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IJEME Vol.2, No.9, Sep. 2012

Approximate Performance analysis for the Double Servers in the Asynchronous Schedule Mechanism of Polling

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BAO Li-yong,ZHAO Dong-feng,ZHAO Yi-fan

Index Terms

Web server;multiqueue double servers polling;asynchronous schedule mechanism;approximate analysis Algorithm


With the popularity of network, web is becoming one of the most effective ways in information sharing. However, with the increase of clicking index, a high-function server can hardly meet the increasing demand for service. This thesis provides the schedule strategy in the asynchronous mechanism of multiqueue double servers polling, which is conducted based on theory of polling multi-access and simulation experiments on computer, along with consideration to the load features of Web. It concludes that this strategy enables Web server to take on the features of good extendibility, utility and function.

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BAO Li-yong,ZHAO Dong-feng,ZHAO Yi-fan,"Approximate Performance analysis for the Double Servers in the Asynchronous Schedule Mechanism of Polling", IJEME, vol.2, no.9, pp.8-13, 2012.


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